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After a long wait, Finally the results are here. Click on the link to View the results.  

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TYBAF Audit Sem 5 At RMC with the Authors.

Just Like FM One day lecture at Balbharathi College last year, This year Reena Mehta College is Lined up For One day Audit lecture, where Dr. Gujral Welcomes  All the TYBAF students Mumbai, to attain the same.   How was it Last year?   Whats the Plan this Year? Well the plan is the same, […]

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TYBAF ATKT results Out Sem 5 2015-16

Here they are finally. The ATKT results got declared to day morning.   Results can be found at :Click Here

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As per the conversation with the PRO of Mumbai university, It is highly expected that the results will be declared By Monday. Hence do not worry on the Result for it is expected that the results are going to be better than the Previous Results. Also Photocopy of the Papers demanded by the Students by […]

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Rules for Internal Examination for FY/SY/TY BAF from 2016 – 17.

In order to standardise Internal exams evaluations, Mumbai University has compulsorily Implemented format for Internal evaluations for all the 6 semesters of BAF.         From the above, it is very clear that 20 marks are dedicated to written test, also the written test has to be in the above format. This changes […]

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Amalgamation Important Theory.

AMALGAMATION, ABSORPTION &  EXTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION THEORY AMALGAMATION ABSORPTION EXTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION Two or more existing company decides to amalgamate & starts a new company. One existing company takes over business of other one or more existing company. One new company is specifically incorporated to take over another existing loss making company. For e.g. A Ltd & […]

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FYBAF SEMESTER 1- Business Economics – I

Revised Syllabus of Courses of FYBAF Semester 1 Commerce- Business Economics – I   Modules at a Glance  

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