BAF Syllabus

The three year B.A.F. Degree course is divided into six semesters. Given below are the list of subjects covered in each of the semesters.

First Year
FIRST YEAR : Semester 1
FIRST YEAR : Semester 2
Financial Accounting Paper – I
Financial Accounting Paper – II
Cost Accounting Paper – I
Auditing Paper – I
Economics Paper – I
Financial Management
Commerce Paper – I
Information Technology Paper – I
Business Law Paper – I
Business Communication Paper – I
Quantitative Methods
Foundation Course Paper – I
Business Communication
Second Year
SECOND YEAR : Semester 3
SECOND YEAR : Semester 4
Financial Accounting Paper – III
Financial Accounting Paper – IV
Cost Accounting Paper – II
Management Accounting
Auditing Paper – II
Taxation Paper – II
Economics Paper – II
Commerce Paper-II
Business Law Paper – II
Business Law – III
Management Paper – I
Information Technology
Foundation Course Paper – II
Quantitative methods for Business – II
Final Year
THIRD YEAR : Semester 5
THIRD YEAR : Semester 6
Financial Accounting – Paper – V
Financial Accounting Paper – VII
Cost Accounting Paper-III
Cost Accounting Paper – IV
Financial Accounting Paper – VI
Auditing Paper – IV
Management Accounting Paper – II : Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Accounting Paper – VIII
Taxation Paper – III : Direct Tax Paper – I
Taxation Paper IV : Direct Tax Paper – II
Economics Paper – III : Indian Economy
Management Paper II : Principles Of Management & Applications

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