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As you enter your SYJC people ask you about your career options after 12th, in today’s competitive world we have a variety of options to make a career and so everyone get confused what to choose because everyone wants to make a strong career to support a luxurious life ahead to choose a right career the candidate should set a clear idea in mind and think for long term.

When you think of a current trend and chose your career you are not sure if it will be beneficial in future or no so before choosing a career it’s important to think about the future value of the career option you choose. The second most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a career is to have your own interest in it, many students choose a career because their friends are opting for it, and at the end they feel they made a wrong choice, it’s important to take help from the senior students and know about the particular course and its advantages and disadvantages this gives you a clear picture about the course you want to choose, some courses require additional qualifications too to support the degree one should also find out about it and then make a choice

Here are some different career options:


  • Finance and Accounts: In a burgeoning economy like ours, careers in finance and accounts have gained tremendous popularity and the most prestigious career option in this field is that of Chartered Accountant. If a career in management does not attracts you much then you can look forward to a career in Chartered accountant or the CFA. Every company big or small needs their account to be maintained and that is the place where you can fit in. If you love to play with numbers and you are number crunching wizard then this is certainly your cup of tea. It’s not new career option but still many students are not much aware about the prospects and potentials of this field. You can find a job in private sector but government sector is the one who has monopoly this field and anyone who wants to make a career in this field will definitely get a good salary package and bucket full of perks. If you have good knowledge of your field you can earn really good salary

  • Engineering: From building the roads we walk on, to realizing technology used to investigate our DNA and exploring space to find life on other planets, engineers, think and innovate and create. Engineers are not only highly respected but also highly paid professionals. With new fields of Engineering like aerospace, biochemical, nano-engineering, engineer is someone who helps to make our life convenient and hassle free by creating tools and processes that are necessary to everyday life and therefore highly valued in today’s workforce. Engineering is a vast field and one can create his/her career in this sector. This sector requires lots of hard work and innovation. To excel in this field it’s very important to have dedication towards work and abilities to create something new. This is really a good career option for those who want to try creating something new for the industry.

  • Mass Communication: For those who are gifted with a creative streak and are good with expressing their thoughts, can opt. for a career in mass communication. Mass communication is an exciting career option, which is much popular these days among the young generation. Although it is not a new career option, it has now gained due recognition, because of the professionalism and popularity that has been added to it. Covering a wide variety of fields like journalism, film making, advertisement, public relations, mass communication is a challenging career that requires extraordinary communication skill, hard work, good confidence and will power, though the attributes differ from field to field.

  • Law: this profession has become less popular among the youth. However, there is lot of scope for lawyers today. Lawyers can find employment in public and private sector. Most Lawyers prefer to become an advocate and practice law as a profession. They can be appointed as Judges of various courts, as Public Prosecutor and also in Defense, Tax departments. Moreover Lawyer can also work as legal advisers for firms. They also can be appointed as Company Secretaries in various companies. They also can work with legal consultancy firms dealing with tax, excise, patent, and environmental laws. Many candidates appearing for CS (Company secretary ) study law to enhance their knowledge and have a better job opportunity.

  • Medical: Medical is one of the gratifying professions. All across the globe, medical science has made remarkable development over the past few decades. A career in medical field is considered as one of the most respectable career. Students choose this option after their 10+2 it-self. There are various specializations in this field. Students can choose to specialize in any of the streams which interest them most as numerous specializations have been developed over a period of time. The job of a doctor requires hard work, dedication, patience and zeal to cure the patients. It is indeed a very noble and demanding profession across the globe.  There will always be a demand for doctors and other medical professions.

  • Hospitality: If you’re friendly, love travelling and like challenges, a career in Hospitality is apt for you. Also nowadays Hospitality is not restricted to hotels and restaurants, now hotel management graduates also get employed in cruises, airlines, spas, resorts, clubs, etc. India as one of the hottest destinations for tourists, Hospitality sector is a booming industry in India.




 FYBAF student from Nirmala memorial foundation college kandivali (E)


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  1. I want to know about BAF
    after completing BAF
    How much salary package we get and in which post we can get a job?

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  4. What are the extra courses or test that I can do side by side doing BAF…which will help me in the future for job interviews….. I’m currently in 2nd year BAF

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    Nikita khale

    After completing baf how much salary package we get , in which post we get job

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