Month: March 2016

  • Important Notice for TYBAF Sem 6 Exams.

    Dear All, Please find the File below.

  • FA 7 Clarification Sem 6

    Dear all, Please consider the attachment.

  • TYBAF helps SYBAF.

    In order to purchase the right text book for the graduation year, We are taking suggestions from TYBAF students, so that the same can be shared with Upcoming TYBAF students. Please fill the below form.

  • Financial Accounting 6 TYBAF Sem 6 Summary (15-16)

    Here is the Syllabus . . Final Accounts of Banking Company Legal provision in Banking Regulation Act, 1949 relating to Accounts. Statutory reserves including Cash Reserve and Statutory Liquidity Ratio. Bill purchase and discounted, rebate of bill discounted. Final Accounts in prescribed form Non – performing assets and Income from non – performing assets. Classification…


    FIRST LET’S LOOK AT THE SYLLABUS. Modules /Units. Budgeting and Budgetary Control Meaning & objectives, Advantages and limitations of budgets Functional budgets, fixed and flexible budgets Zero based budgeting, performance budgeting Simple practical problems of preparing flexible budgets and functional budgets Absorption Costing and Marginal Costing, Cost Volume and Profit Analysis Absorption Costing and Marginal…

  • TYBAF WEEK from 18th March to 25th March. “We have the TYBAF week coming up!” Kids: ” Yeh kya Hai?” “In this week, we have many activities for TYBAF students Mumbai.” Kids: “Activities Matlab??” “Starting with on 18th(tomorrow) We have Doubt solving session With Prof. KUNAL C. Where he will be live in the Group from 8.30 Pm and will…

  • TYBAF attains Lectures on WHATSAPP!!!!

    With 400 Students, Lecture and doubt-solving is  Done on Whatsapp for Tybaf Students in Mumbai. Here is How the Students Felt about this concept.  

  • Foreign Branch (Financial A/c 7)

    Foreign branch is a simple chapter but, students make minor mistakes with calculation errors. Here is a summary on it.   We recognise efforts of Rohan Sawant From Lords Universal college for helping us with the above topic.  

  • Banking final Accounts Made simple.

      We recognise the efforts of Dhruti Karnik From Lords Universal College. 


    FINAL ACCOUNTS FOR CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY  Co-operative Housing Society Consumer Co-operative Society   Co-operative Housing Society Given In The Problem Trial Balance Adjustment     Required to Prepare Income and Expenditure Account Balance Sheet Memorandum Appropriation account     Consumer Co-operative Society Trading account Profit and loss account Balance sheet Memorandum appropriation Account   Important Tips:…

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