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  1. as i requested earlier for paper through either e-mail\giving the link\posting on your site i would like to go at least give me the papers through e-mailing me the papers please as i have the assignment on them that have to be submitted before 3 August

  2. I m a tybaf student of yr 2014-15 BT since medical prblm I dint appeared for both 5/6 sem….
    So wud request u too plz let me know d syllabus of both sem of tybaf for yr-14/15

  3. If I wanted to give IPCC November 2015 exam is it possible?
    As in the time table for both TYBAF Sem5 and IPCC exam won’t clash?
    Or does it clash every year?
    I just wanted the general dates usually when Board exams are conducted.

  4. Dear sir/ma’am
    I wanted to know the date of exams for student of sem 5 atkt exams….. As I had not appeared for the exams last year due to medical reasons. I have filled the atkt form last week……plz help me out……asap……thank you

  5. Dear sir/ma’am
    I wanted to know the date of exams for student of sem 5 atkt exams….. As I had not appeared for the exams last year due to medical reasons. I have filled the atkt form last week……plz help me out……asap……thank you…….kindly mail d dates n time table……

  6. Hey guys
    I really need your help urgently

    I recently met with a major ‘Hit & Run’ accident on 24th of Oct due to which my left leg is broken and I had to get it surgically fixed
    Even after that I’m barely able to walk.

    I have the following doubts since there are only 2 days left for my Ty accounts paper:

    1. Should I actually give the exam? I can hardly walk with a walker and I’ll be in extreme pain. Is the exam actually worth it since I have no past KTs I don’t want any this sem. Please advise.

    2. Mumbai University has given me a very far off centre. I can’t travel till there in this condition. Can u guys please tell me the procedure to make MU consider my condition.

    Ali Hasnain Sabuwala

  7. I am from tybaf. One of my griends result is showing that the result is held due to provision so what does that means?
    Is he fail?

  8. Hi,
    Can you give me link to know the university toppers in Baf overall and subject wise. How do I get this information. I have got 97 in audit and I want to check if that’s the highest in the university.
    Thanks for your help.

  9. When will be the atkt forms available for the one’s whose result was found unsuccesful during semester 5 (75:25) held in oct 15

  10. Could you kindly post the important theory and short note questions for TYBAF Financial Management 3

  11. I want financial management 3, taxation and economics tips, importances and paper pattern of tybaf semester 6

  12. Hello…you told us that you will give imp questions before 1 night of exam….but you didn’t gave for tomorrow fa-6 paper? When you r goin to post the importance?

  13. Hello.
    My center for tybaf SEM 6 is GPM degree college, Vile Parle (East). We recieved our first paper i.e. Fa6 one and a half hour late.
    So our paper instead of 11.00 started at 12.30 and ended at 3. I’m just worried if this repeats we won’t have time to study. Let alone our paper was only delayed what about corrections, will they even reach us?? Is there anything we can do?

  14. Today we had are cost accounting paper and the question 3 got everyone confused. According to the text book it was suppose to be selling price falls by 5% but the word falls was missing. Some of us have taken it as increase and some as falls. How will the university grant marks for this?

  15. Please take a petition on Financial Mangement subject ,because there is no question on Ratio analysis as a new subject introduced and paper out of book which available in market . Therefore I requst to you please look it and try one to atleast Pass in the FM paper

  16. In today’s financial accounting 7,Q3 the creditors was not printed properly due to which many of us did not see it. Hence our full solution has gone wrong
    Will any action be taken on it?

  17. Please help us with the 6sem results, foreign universities intakes have already started.
    Please Baf team say us the expected date for the result.
    Thank you

  18. Hello…. my cousin had applied for admission in 3 colleges for baf in mumbai. Her name has not appeared in any of the lists. She has secured 80.92% in hsc .Is there any college where she can get admission?
    Without having to pay donation

  19. Mms colleges are starting from nxt week 1st aug onwards. So what do you want us to waste are this year ??? Its too late now declare sem 6 results by tomorrow itself.

  20. I have secured O grade in 5 semesters (sem1,2,3,5,6) and A grade in sem 4. So accordingly my Gpa totals up to 6.98 .
    In my marksheet overall grade is A, and under that it shows I have been given grace by Mumbai University. ( 6.98 @0.02)
    0.02 grace has been provided,so that My GPA becomes 7 and I get an overall O. This is faced by many of us. Please, we seek help

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