Financial Accounts was enough to break the Confidence.

Many students after the First paper for their graduation year(TYBAF) were found with tears!!! 

On being asked, about the paper, major answer received was “UNEXPECTED”

Hence we went through the paper and found out the following reasons which broke them completely.

  1. As per the published Paper pattern, the question paper was not set in the Same manner. (The 5th question in the question paper had no option A or B, straight 15 marks for 3 short notes out of 5) IMG_20151029_224814IMG_20151029_225108 
  2. Question 2A had Amalgamation, which demanded for Journal of the books of a old co., and Ledgers for another, both PC calculation, Journal of the New company with Balance sheet. (At any cost such question cannot be answered in 30 Min. There can be a debate saying that Option B was quite simple and short against Question A, But what’s the point of asking a question which completely go against the time frame.)
  3. SANSKAR SARJAN EDUCATION SOCIETY DHIRAJLAL TALAKCHAND SANKALCHAND SHAH COLLEGE OF COMMERCE. We understand that the above Name was more IMPORTANT then the questions. it had been printed in such a manner that would create difficulty for any student to read the question.                                               IMG_20151029_225139IMG_20151029_225153
  4. We are not sure about how many times are the question paper checked after being set, for any calculation or typing error. But making a change in the Question at 1 PM during the exams, is enough to SPOIL THE PRESENTATION OF THE STUDENT, BREAK HIS LINK, FINALLY BREAK HIS CONFIDENCE. IMG_20151029_225307  

If you find that our observation are right, and you Support us for this carelessness of the Examination committee, Join the petition.


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