I Worked hard to Rank the university But…….

But what happened??

This is fact related to a Student Of TYBAF from MK COLLEGE Borivali.

5th Semester Exams are already in controversies relating to,  Out of portion Questions in Management accounts, Printing errors, Lengthy Papers, Incomplete Question papers Etc. Against which a petition was filed Online with a support of more than 1700 students, but Mumbai university has not reacted on the same.

Facts of the Case:

Examination centre: Thakur College of Science and commerce Kandivali E

Mumbai University Graduation Exam TYBAF, 1st Paper Financial Accounting.

Students were allowed to go to their respective classrooms at 10.30 AM. Examination was scheduled for 11 A.M.

At 10.45 A.M. Room no.201.

Mrs. Rama Ray Co ordinator of Business Communication Thakur College was the appointed invigilator. After providing the required communication regarding keeping away bags, Declared that, “Students need to answer the Paper with Black ball pen.”

Listening to this, students started borrowing from each other the black ball pen, but This student from MK college rushed to her, being confused, for no such information was provided to her by her Co- ordinator or college(MK college Borivali w)

Where Prof. Rama Ma’am, went upto the Board, and wrote with Chalk ” THE PAPAER SHOULD BE WRITTEN WITH BLACK BALL PEN”

The Student requested her that, she has no black ball pen, but has a black gel pen, can she use the same??

On this Ma’am replied ” Black BALL pen only”, and guided the student to go down and buy a black ball pen” The time was approx 10.50 A.M (the paper time starts at 10.45 AM for filling the OMR Sheet)

The student rushed to the nearest stationery shop to buy a black ball pen, she found the shop near the Gate inside the campus.

But she faced issues again, as the stationery shop had only 2 variety of Black ball pens available, and she was missing out on time.She garbed one and ran back to her class.

Once she came in the class, Answer paper were in process to be distributed and by the time she settled, the Question paper distribution bell rang. Where Mrs.Rama ray said, ” If you’ll do not write with black ball pen, I am not sure weather your paper will be assessed or Not. (denning to take responsibility of the Answer sheets if not written with black ball pen)

The student missed most of her time to fill the OMR, and had to compensate her Question paper time for the same.

Now why are we highlighting this fact, where Mumbai university can miss out 2 options in the Tax paper, then this is quite minute in-front of that.

The reason is.

The students Name is Ayushi Agarwal, Studying in MK college since FYBAF. Pre that she was a student of Thakur college kandivali.

She has been ranking all the semesters with an AVERAGE of  83%. 

On conversation with Ayushi we learned that, She had solved 2 Textbooks for each subjects, also a classes notes to get through the tough questions. To crack the objectives she had read the chapters of A/c as well.

She had cleared her CPT exams, and decided to Skip IPCC attempt for it was her desire to Rank the university.

She was very specific about her presentation of answers, and was appreciated for her innovation related to same by her Professors and friends.

For Eg; she used the same Gel pen since 5 years, by changing the refills, and hence when she was asked to use a Black ball pen, she faced a lot of difficulty adjusting to the same.

In our conversation with Ayushi, she said, ” I lost time because of which I was unable to make the balance sheet, many find this absolutely fine, but as per my preparations and planning, my first paper turned out to be a disaster. If I did not know the Concepts and sums, i would be all fine, for it would be my mistake. But here I dont find my mistake but still had to pay for it by leaving out marks, which I knew.

In our conversation with MR. Manikandan (Principal MK college), “There was no such notice that we received, regarding use of black ball pen, And it is not right on the part of any prof. to give out such statement to students on the examination day”

In our conversation with Mrs. Rama Ray(over call), “I have followed the Rule, and we have informed out students(Thakur college) on the day of distribution of hall ticket itself for the use of black ball pen. If college has not informed the students, its the colleges fault.  

Miss Leena ( BAF co- ordinator, MK college) gave no comment.   

A student has many reason to bear, for everything, where its not their mistake. We have not found any notice from University stating use of Only Black ball pen For TYBAF examination as it makes no sense,as papers are corrected by Prof. and not machines. No such rule Exist even at CA final level.

Do you think This student deserves to be reimbursed, or we should let it go like always.

Do comment!  

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By Team BAF

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  1. Its ny jst she who has worked so hard
    We too had worked hard a lot for our papers.
    Bt the strange thng is the university didnt say comment about this matter
    I dnt knw how many times a ppr is being checked before it given to us
    Bt i guess ppr ws really tough
    N it is jst nt possible to slove it in 2 n half hours
    The prsn who set this ppr must be made to write this ppr in 2 n half hours

  2. Hard work always get pays & yea she deserve reimbursed.
    because this is what she bring out all the facts.
    which we mostly faced but nobody raise the voice.
    hence like always students face the same issue and loose the marks more then marks we loose the rank I feel.
    if this time she take her step back then all the issues gonna be repeat each year and every student gonna blame them self and especially when its our 1st exam Prof.should be there to guide us and it most common issue like student plan to reach at examination center so that they can take their seat they require time for look after class room as well and all of the suddenly prof. provide u the information.
    whatever we plan to attempt the exam its natural to loose the confidence as per the experience I am saying this same case I faced last year only.center was
    SSE COLLEGE at the last moment seating arrangement was taking place.
    we were standing since so long to get into the class we were taking into class before 5min of the exam and ring bell from one side and Ma’am was explaining the process from one side.
    it was not able focuse on her explanation hence she was arguing while she came for sign and the planning to attempt exam at per questions we loose the valuable time.which was the most important for good score that time
    and many more stuff like the same yet are hidden and everyone facing just like nobody taking step so why me!
    all I wana say dont take ur step back.you are gonna be proven one of the example for upcoming students

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