Interview with Afreen Sharif, FYBAF CR 2015, Jai Hind College

Name – Afreen Sharif


College Name – Jai Hind College


Course Name – BAF


Which year – FY



  • Tell us about yourself?

As a commerce student I was always interested in subjects like accountancy and finance and then decided to make my career in these subjects which interest me more and I find these subjects very interesting and goes smooth. When you chase your passion you succeed.


  • How does it feel to be the Class Representative of the class?

It’s completely different and a great opportunity to be class representative of FYBAF. Being a CR teaches you many things, maintain responsibilities, punctuality and also maintaining the post and handling your class of 70 students listening to their complaints and doubts and clearing it out.



  • What do you mean by leadership? Tell us about a time / describe a situation when you have proved you have better leadership skills.

According to me, leadership means leading people to the correct path and also achieving the objectives. Being the class representative itself represents a leadership quality where you handle your class students clearing their doubts and queries, coordinating with them as a friend and not as on some post.


4) What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

As a leader there are many important values which should be present in a leader such as honesty, punctuality, respectful, sincere. A leader should not be biased towards his/her friends and provide them incentives. Class representative is a commitment and a promise given that you will be able and will have to handle this responsibility in a perfect manner instead of disappointing your classmates as well as teachers.



  • Does a leader need to be motivated? How can leaders maintain themselves to stay motivated?

Yes, a leader needs to be motivated. Leaders can maintain themselves by admiring their Seniors and superiors who are also their idols in the path and will make them alert and ready for their future.



  • What is the most difficult part of being a leader?

The most difficult part of being a leader are the values, sincerity and the efforts you need to put to come out as a bright sunflower and prove yourself that yes you can do it. A leader SHOULD ALWAYS BE SINCERE NOT SERIOUS. 🙂 think on it… I have a wonderful experience being the CR where you meet new people and learn new things each day which are beneficial in your life.



  • What is your greatest strength and weakness as a leader?

My strengths:

Being positive

Never hesitate to meet new people Always fair enough on my commitment

My weakness:

Not able to express my views in a suitable way. (Working on it and will soon overcome )



  • According to you, what is BAF all about?

According to me BAF is all about dealing with financial things in your daily life and also to manage situations, circumstances and communications in the corporate world ahead which has become quite competitive and you need to have an edge from others. It gives you different perspectives and way of changing things in day today life which is very important but not being provided to science students.



  • As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

I would willingly change the education system. Our education system needs modifications instead of judging students by their caste and allowing admissions on the basis of their caste quota percentage which is very unfair to other general students. We all are Indians first so why discriminations? I would also like to change the grade system which is also not fair for the toppers.



  • What would you advice someone planning to do BAF?

I wouldn’t advice anything to the person planning to do BAF as even i haven’t completed the whole journey and the person planning to do BAF will itself start enjoying the course and will feel lucky and never regret. 🙂



  • Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition? What is your message to the upcoming BAF students?

We all make mistakes and also we learn from those mistakes but never stop learning and give up .Put all your efforts and succeed. Let the world wait and watch you.

I have learned a lot also in my tough times but if you intend to be right, you are never wrong. Future BAF students will love this course 🙂





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