Interview with Akshaya Anand Bobale, BAF Student, M.L.Dahanukar College


Tell us about yourself-

   I completed my school education from Sanskar English High School (Kandivali) and my junior college from Bhavan’s College (Andheri). My hobbies include writing poems, watching business channels, reading business newspapers and magazines, net surfing and listening music.


Tell us about your college

   Currently I am pursuing B.Com (Accounts and Finance) from Dahanukar College. Along with BAF, M. L. Dahanukar College has BMS, BMM, BBI, BFM, BMS (Envt Mgmt) and B.Com section.We also have college fest, the name of our college fest is “KURUKSHETRA”. M. L. Dahanukar is very famous for its ‘Natya Mandal’. My college has participated in various theatre competitions and has always won GOLD medals. My college is equipped with all the facilities that Commerce College should possess; for example it has a big library with ample quantity of books. It has not only curriculum based books but also many industry relevant books and magazines.All the year round our college arranges seminars. Eminent people are invited to our college to provide us with valuable thoughts to guide us. In December 2014 Vijyalakshmi R. Iyer (CMD) of Bank of India was invited to share her valuable information about the banking sector and its challenges. My college also has 3 IT labs, a canteen and highly qualified teaching staff. Our Principal Dr.Madhavi Pethe Madam is the driving force of our college!!


When did you join BAF? Which year you are in?

   I joined BAF in June 2013. Right now I am in second year BAF.


What inspired you to choose BAF and not any other course?

   The curriculum of BAF comprises of interesting subjects like Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Management accounting, Economics, Business Law, Financial management, Financial market operations, Tax etc. Along with these subjects we also have subjects like Business communication which help to develop our interpersonal skills. BAF helps us to develop accounting as well as analytical skills. Accounts & Finance are the two main pillars of any business organization. For the smooth working of business the promoters or owners of business should have systematic record of all the transactions. A systematic record helps for future analysis of the efficiency of business. For example if records pertaining to debtors of the business are not kept up to date the owners will not be able to form a successful credit policy, the business may incur excessive bad debts. Similarly it is essential to convert the available data into useful information i.e preparing financial statements to evaluate the solvency and profitability of business. This can be done by using various accounting techniques like ratios. Hence appropriate accounting of all transactions is important. Finance is about managing funds, their appropriate allocation, acquiring them with least borrowing cost etc. Finance is dynamic field. The financial policy of a company is affected by various internal as well as external factors. A change in Govt’ policy may compel a company to manipulate its financial policy. It is a vast field which encompasses stock markets, debt markets, banks, NBFC’s etc. Under BAF we are provided with equal knowledge about both the fields as they are slightly linked to each other. BAF is a comprehensive course hence I decided to join it.

   For all those who want to pursue investment banking, business analysis, accounts, stock markets, mutual funds, portfolio management etc as their career, BAF is a good start.


According to you, what is BAF all about?

   In my opinion, BAF is a course which provides a student with knowledge about the core business activities. To start a business one needs capital, but there is a certain criterion for the acquisition of capital. The cost of borrowing or cost of capital should be more than the returns from the business. Hence here we require prudent management of funds. Once the business has began it’s important to maintain a record of all the transcations. The record should be maintained in such a manner that at a single sight one must be able to evaluate more and more information for future analysis. All these hard core business activities are taught under BAF hence it’s a perfect start for your career.


What’s special about your college? What do you love about it?

   My college has got the best college life. The students at our college are decent. There are rules and regulations but we never feel burdened about them since they are at a moderate level. The best part of my college is our professors. All our professors are highly qualified and friendly!! Our college also provides us with visiting faculty from various industries and sectors. Another most important and beautiful part of Dahanukar college is its very easy to make friends!! They can be your seniors or juniors, Dahanukarites are very friendly in nature!! A special mention about our non-teaching staff who is also very supportive. In all the atmosphere at Dahanukar is very positive.


Who is your favorite teacher/faculty? Why?

This a very difficult question. Because all our teachers take equal efforts to provide us with the most relevant information and also to make lectures interesting. So all the teachers are my favourite.


What has BAF life taught you?

I think life at BAF is very dynamic. More than half of our subjects are practical in nature which require calculative skills. So we are always busy with our CALCY. Our subjects force us to think they don’t keep our brain idle. We often have presentations and group discussions in our classrooms. All such activities help is to develop confidence and public speaking skills. If we take a closer look at the two main subjects i.e Accounts and Finance we realize that Accounts works on rules whereas Finance requires constant innovation and quick but efficient decision making. Being in the second year I can confidently claim that I have begun developing these traits in my personality only due to BAF.


What was the happiest moment in BAF College? The saddest? The most memorable?

   For me everyday is a happy day at college!! I and my friends enjoy every moment of college so fortunately I got no sad moments to share! But one of the happiest moment is when we see a big O grade on our marksheets!


Who in your life has influenced the most?

   Well I believe that everyone has something good in their personality. We should always keep our doors open because we may never know from which direction wisdom may walk into our life. People who inspire me the most are those who have faced hardships in their intial stages of life but subsequently they overcame those hardships & today are enjoying the sweet fruits of their struggle. Personally I consider my Father as the first motivation of my life.


As a BAF student, what changes would you like to bring in BAF Course?

   Make reading newspapers compulsory for students. I am telling this from personal experience that reading business newspapers really helps you a lot in understanding the dynamics of business. My professors urged me to read newspapers and that’s how I got this habit. The IT sector is changing tremendously. Many students are still ignorant about the link between accounts and IT. The curriculum of BAF should include introduction to some relevant topics like SAP, Database management etc.


What would you advice someone planning to do BAF?

   Selection of courses totally depends upon ones interest. If you want to join the BAF bandwagon; go crazy for accounts!! BAF requires practice and lot of practice. And be curious. For e.g.: while solving accounts related to redeeming preference shares and debentures you should be curious to know what is the legal procedure to do the same. Go beyond the textbook, google out your queries.


3 Questions you would like to ask a CA?

  • How did you persist those 12 hrs of study?
  • What is better starting own’s firm or working in corporates?
  • Don’t you think the profession of CA is losing its glory due to a few corrupt CA’s?


What are your future plans?

   My interests lie in Finance and Banking sector so I am moulding myself into such an individual who can persist in that competition. Finance is vast field so if one wants to enter this field he/she should specific about which field to entre. Commercial banking, corporate banking, financial planning, investment banking etc are few fields in finance. A basic graduate degree is just the beginning. Completing Masters is optional but many recommend it. One should aim for professional courses like CA, CIMA, FRM, MBA etc.


What are you expecting out of BAF? 

  BAF will give me the knowledge but how to apply that knowledge lies in my hands. BAF is a great opportunity but one must know how to utilize this opportunity. In all BAF will prove as a great foundation for my career.


Your suggestions for What help should it provide in future?

   In today’s world books are not the only source of knowledge. Internet is next good friend after books. I feel should prove as one stop solution for problems of all students who are doing BAF or who wish to do BAF. I think will become the bridge between students and eminent personalities from industry to provide us with the latest treasure of information so as to help us keep up with pace of changes in industry.

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