Interview with Gurnasinghani Sahil, FYBAF Student, Jai Hind College

Tell us about yourself

I am Gurnasinghani Sahil studying BAF in jai hind college and I like to play cricket all the time.

Tell us about your college

I study in jai hind college which is one of the top colleges of mumbai and I like to travel to college everyday. My favourite teachers are Mita mam and Yasmin mam. They both are very sweet teachers and they understand their students. The best moment in BAF was the three days of Entourage and hangout with all the friends and roaming with them.

When did you join BAF? Which year you are in?

I joined BAF because I like accounts and I want to do MBA in finance in future so this course will be helpful for me. I am in First Year.

According to you, what is BAF all about?

BAF is all about accounts and finance in which we study how to handle accouts of all the business man.

As a BAF student, what changes would you like to bring in BAF Course?

I would like to bring a change in the financial system of the country that it would be more favourable and easy.

What would you advice someone planning to do BAF?

I would like to  advice the person taking baf that if you have interest in accounts anf finance then only apply for this course.

Who in your life has influenced the most?


My dad is my hero and has supported and influenced my life all the time.

Questions you would like to ask a MBA?

I would like to ask an MBA that how much helpful is MBA after this course.

What are your future plans?

MBA from abroad.

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