Interview with Punit Punjabi, FYBAF CR, Jai Hind College

Name – Punit Punjabi

College Name – Jaihind College Churchgate

Course Name – BAF

Which year – FY


  • Tell us about yourself?

I joined BAF because I like number crunching and wanted to explore the field of accounting and finance.


  • How does it feel to be the Class Representative of the class?

Being the CR of the class feels great and it’s a job of responsibility and I enjoy being a CR. I have been CR from last 3 months and I myself wanted to be the CR.


  • What do you mean by leadership? Tell us about a time / describe a situation when you have proved you have better leadership skills.

Leadership means that a leader should make sure that all things are proper and on time and also being a CR I need look after my class students demands and also the teachers it’s basically we need to keep them happy and also doing the work on time. According to me everyone has a different leadership qualities and mine are I am punctual, Confident, communicative.


  • What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader? Does a leader need to be motivated? How can leaders maintain themselves to stay motivated?

Most important values being a leader is that the work should be done, in a situation when demands of the class and the teachers are different I make sure that with my decision both are satisfied so for making such a decision leader is needed. According to me a person when is self-motivated is the best part because a person motivates him/herself it works better and he/she actually starts working.

  • What is the most difficult part of being a leader?

To manage everything in a smooth way without any issues.


  • What is your greatest strength and weakness as a leader?

My greatest strength is I am confident, can take decisions and I am a ready to take responsibility personality.


  • According to you, what is BMS / BAF / BBI / BFM / BMM / BBA all about?

Just a difference of management media and accounting fields but no one is sure that there future will be in those fields in which they are currently in.


  • As a student, what changes would you like to bring in Indian education system?

I want students to learn all practical knowledge that will help then in their jobs and they are ready to work as their graduation gets over.  By this the trainings which companies give to employees will be no more needed


  • What would you advice someone planning to do BMS / BAF / BBI / BFM / BMM / BBA?

To do what they want to do and in which field their interest lies in.


  • Through this struggle and success, what have you learned? What is the wisdom of life and competition? What is your message to the upcoming BMS / BAF / BBI / BFM / BMM / BBA students?

I have learned to never say no to challenges. The competition in life is the most important factor because if there are no people ahead of us we will think we are the best but through this competition world people are working harder and harder to be the best.

Message will be never lose your interest in your goal.


  • Your feedback for

It is a very good thing as it keeps students updated and gives suggestions for studies. Student friendly. Liked it.







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