Qualities of An Auditor

The auditor should have the following qualities:


1. Chartered accountant

A company auditor must be a practicing chartered accountant

2. Skills and competence – 

An auditor must be an expert with professional knowledge, training, experience and competence in the field of accounting, auditing, mercantile law, company law, taxation, costing etc. should be aware of changes and latest development in field of accounting and auditing.

3. Honest – 

An auditor must be honest. He should not certify what he feels is not true, he must be careful when he certifies what is true.

4. Knowledge of business – 

An auditor must have general knowledge of client’s business

5. Confidential-

It is said that an auditor should keep his eyes and ears open but mouth close. He should keep the information confidential and should not divulge to outsiders.

6. Watchdog and not bloodhound-

An auditor should act like a watchdog, he should be alert but not suspicious, he should safeguard the interest of shareholders and owners, he should not commence audit with a suspicion of fraud.

7. Independent

An auditor must be independent; he should fearless and impartial in discharging duties.

8. Judgment

The audit process involves judgment at every stage. The auditor should know to judge people as he has to rely on different people while auditing he must be able to judge till what extent that person is reliable he has to judge till what extent he can rely on joint auditor, internal auditor, audit staff etc.

9. Methodical

An auditor must be systematic and methodical in his approach to work. He must plan the audit properly. He should prepare an audit program covering all aspects of audit he must maintain the working papers, documents of audit. He must carry out verification and vouching activities.

By Falguni Paleja

FALGUNI PALEJA SYBAF student from Nirmala memorial foundation college kandivali (E)

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