Interview with Deesha Parekh, BAF Topper, N L College

Name – Deesha Parekh

College – N L College

An interview with Deesha Parekh, TYBCOM (Accounting and Finance) topper of N L College, Malad.

Were you expecting to top in the exams?

I wasn’t expecting to top, yes but to score better percent.

To whom would you credit this success to?

I would credit this to my professors who were there to help in any difficulties and my parents to support me.

Did you start preparing right from the first day of your TYBAF?

Definitely not from first day but just a regular go through once a week.

How did you allot time to different subjects?

I used to give more time to theory subjects rather than practical ones.

Did you follow a self-made timetable? And how many hours did you study per day?

Yes, I followed my self-made time table but never decided how many hours to study per day instead I used to stop studying when my target of the day is completed.

Had you joined any coaching classes or was it just self-study?

There’s no need for joining coaching classes we can easily do self-study and take the help  from the books available in library.

I’m sure you must be getting bored / tired after long study hours of the day. What was your source of   entertainment?

Whenever I used to get tired I would go for a walk in fresh air which would relax my mind.

Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

No I never use to take stress for my exams and committing suicide is not a solution but next time try to do better and their parents should also support them. I used to take part in my all college functions and during exam time just studies.

How did you manage time during the preparation leave just before the exams?

I had allotted more time to subjects which I felt are difficult to me and studied accordingly.

Do you think going through the past University papers is of any help?

Yes they are of great help but never stick to the paper pattern and don’t leave any practical subject chapters for option.

What message would you like to give to the coming batches of TYBAF students?

I would just say never take tension about studies and don’t waste your money in doing classes because you can easily study on your own and always take help from your professors. Don’t only study but do participate in all activities and functions of your college as these days won’t come back.

After such a great achievement, what do you plan to do now?

Now I am doing CFA and after that setting up my career, having a job in some reputed company and fulfilling my dreams.

Thank You for being so honest with your answers and giving us your valuable time. I’m sure reading this interview would be a great help and inspiration for the students. Congratulations once again and all the very best for you career!

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