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Management Paper II October 2012:

Q.1) Case Study: – 15 marks
Karol Bagh in Delhi is a middle class locality and the residents often shop their requirement on roads, where the hawkers do brisk business handicrafts, woolen wear, hosiery and garments are available in plenty on road, along with food items. 
The shops in Karol Bagh cater to upper middle class and the rich class though, rich class is very sparsely noted there. So, the shop owners are a hassled lot, who finds the competition from unorganised sector, that is hawking community a headache to handle.
Though brands such as Nike, Pantaloons are available in shops, the buyers are rare to find and it is only rich class who is settling to buy the brands. But the area being predominantly middle class, such visits of the rich class is rather rare few showrooms of branded goods do make the presence felt, but it is the road or hawking sector that is doing well in Karol Bagh.
Taking view of above, identity and suggest 
(a) The reasons the shops in Karol Bagh are not doing well and the challenge they face.
(b) The promotion management the shops should carry out and the various channels they could utilise.
(c) Place management that can be carried out.

Q.2) Match the following:  5 marks

a. Place Management 1. Bonds
b. Working Capital Finance 2. Transportation
c. Inventory Management 3. Commercial Paper
d. Performance Appraisal 4. ABC Analysis
e. Capital Markets 5. Written Test

Q.3) Fill in the gaps. – 1 mark
Logo is ____ of the product.
(1) identity 
(2) placing
(3) naming
(4) marketing.

Q.4) Fill in the gaps. – 1 mark
Advertising is the _____ of the product or service.
(1) availability 
(2) selling
(3) promotion 
(4) placing.

Q.5) Fill in the gaps. – 1 mark
Layout refers to ____ of the plant.
(1) sight 
(2) look
(3) architecture 
(4) discipline.

Q.6) Fill in the gaps. – 1 mark
Quality is ______ expectations of customer.
(1) knowing 
(2) overlooking
(3) lying 
(4) fulfilling.

Q.7) Fill in the gaps. – 1 mark
Recruitment is ____ of Human Resources.
(1) throwing out 
(2) shifting
(3) employing 
(4) filling.

Q.8) What is productivity ? Explain the measurement of productivity. – 15 marks

Q.9) What is total Quality Management? What are the various steps for implementing TQM? – 7 marks

Q.10) Explain the scope of HRM. – 8 marks

Q.11) Explain the various functions of Human Resource Planning. – 7 marks

Q.12) Explain the sources of Long Term Finance. – 8 marks

Q.13) Discuss the importance of Capital Market in any given economy. – 7 marks


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