Revised Syllabus of Taxation Paper – III (Direct Tax Paper – I)

Revised Syllabus of Taxation Paper – III  (Direct Tax Paper – I)


3.5.4 Taxation Paper – III

Direct Tax Paper – I


Modules at a Glance



Sr. No. Modules No. of Lectures
1 Definitions u/s – 2

Basis of Charge

2 Exclusions from Total Income 07
3 Heads of Income 25
4 Deductions under Chapter VI – A 10
5 Computation of Total Income 10
Total 60



Sr. No Modules/ Units
1 Definitions u/s – 2 & Basis of Charge
  Definitions u/s – 2 

Section 2 –Assessee, Assessment Year, Assessment, Annual value, Business, Capital asset, Income, Person, Previous Year, Transfer

Basis of Charge

Section 3 – 9 – Previous Year, Residential Status, Scope Of Total Income, Deemed Income

2 Exclusions from Total Income
  Section 10 – restricted to, Agricultural Income, Sums Received From HUF By Member, Share of Profit from Firm, Casual & Non – Recurring Receipts, Scholarships, Income of Minor Child, Allowance to Members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly.

Note -Exemptions related to specific Heads of Income to be covered with Relevant Provisions.

3 Heads of Income

Section 15 – 17, Including Section 10 relating to

House Rent Allowance, Travel Concession, Special Allowance, Pension – Commutation, Leave Encashment, Compensation, Voluntary Retirement, Payment from Provident Fund

Income From House Property

Section 22 – 27, Including Section 2 – Annual Value

Profits & Gains From  Business & Profession

Vocation Section 28-32, 36, 37, 40, 40A & 43B.

including.: Section 2 – Business

Capital Gains

Section 45, 48, 49, 50, 54 and 55

Income from Other Sources

Section 56 – 59

4 Deductions under Chapter VI – A
  80 A- Restriction on claim in Chapter VI- A deductions

80 C – Payment of LIC/PF and other eligible investments

80CCC – Contribution to certain Pension Fund

80D – Medical Insurance Premium

80 DD- Maintenance and medical treatment of handicapped dependent

80E – Interest on Educational Loan

80 TTA- Interest on Saving Bank account

80U –  Deduction in the case of totally blind or physically handicapped or mentally retarded resident person

5 Computation of Total Income
  Computation of Total Income Of Individual & HUF


  1. Relevant Law / Statute in force on 1st April immediately preceding commencement of Academic Year is applicable for ensuing examinations after relevant year.
  2. The syllabus is restricted to study of particular section/s, specifically mentioned in rules and notifications only.


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