Interview with Hiral S, BAF Topper, N L College

Name – Hiral S

College – N L College

An interview with Hiral S, TYBCOM (Accounting and Finance) topper of N L College, Malad.

Were you expecting to top in the exams?

I wasn’t at all expecting to top but I just tried my level best.

To whom would you credit this success to?

I owe my success to my parents, all my professors and friends who supported me lot to achieve the same.

Did you start preparing right from the first day of your TYBAF?

First day!! Not even thought of. I concentrated on what my professors taught during the lectures and thoroughly revised it before my exams. The main advantage for me was that I always had my professors to solve all my queries.

How did you allot time to different subjects?

I had allotted alternate days for theory and practical subjects.

Did you follow a self-made timetable? And how many hours did you study per day?

I was firm on completing my target. I used to complete almost 2 subjects in a day and at the end of the week I just used to brush up so that it remains fresh in the mind.

Had you joined any coaching classes or was it just self-study?

For the first 4 semesters, I had not joined any classes. In T.Y.BAF I had joined just to score better.

I’m sure you must be getting bored/tired after long study hours of the day. What was your source of entertainment?

I never did long study. I took few minutes break after every 1 or 2 hours. During that time I used to listen to music.

Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this? Did you use any special techniques for stress management?

Suicide is not the ultimate solution for failure. Instead try working harder and prove yourself. Whenever I got tensed for exams, I meditated for a while and restarted the studies all over again.

How did you manage time during the preparation leave just before the exams?

I finished with easy subjects first so that I can be relieved atleast for that. Then allotted the whole time for the harder ones.

Do you think going through the past University papers is of any help?

Definitely! You get an idea about the paper pattern. Try solving it so that you will get confidence.

What message would you like to give to the coming batches of TYBAF students?

Concentrate on what you study. Have full confidence on yourself. Paper is not that tough as you think.  Don’t get disheartened by your failures and enjoy extra non-curricular activities.

After such a great achievement, what do you plan to do now? What are the future goals on your mind?

I am pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Right now, my main target is to become a C.A after that I am planning to work at a corporate level.

Thank You for being so honest with your answers and giving us your valuable time. I’m sure reading this interview would be a great help and inspiration for the students. Congratulations once again and all the very best for you career!

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