As per the conversation with the PRO of Mumbai university, It is highly expected that the results will be declared By Monday.

Hence do not worry on the Result for it is expected that the results are going to be better than the Previous Results. Also Photocopy of the Papers demanded by the Students by paying Rs.100 has reached the Colleges, For exact Information please co ordinate with your Baf co ordinator.

For details Regarding ATKT Results, as there is no update from the university, also no information available with the colleges, all we can say is KEEP CALM.


Will update once the results are Declared!!

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By Team BAF

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  1. BMS results also declared of Sem-6 , when TY.BAF Semi – 6 results will be out, any specific date & time ???

  2. What’s going on , inspite of having reasons bms result has out why there is specification clearly

  3. Only the TY BAF Result are pending… where’s the 45 days criteria to announce the results….Damn….. Mumbai university is stretching it a lot…

    Its Been since 1 month the B.com Results are out….. How much more lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

  4. 25th bola tha result aayega baf ka aaj 25th hai what the time when unversity decalred the result rply it fast??????

  5. Are we gonna get our results today or no its really getting frustrating now how much more do we wait!!!!!!!

  6. Has the university messed up our results…??? If not then why the hell its not even responding to our calls..???

  7. What’s going on yaar…when the university should decleared the result …?? It is so much time …

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