TYBAF Sem 5 & Sem 6 Syllabus of 2014-15 For ATKT Students

TYBAF Syllabus

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Mumbai University has revised the syllabus of BAF Sem 5 and Sem 6 from the year 2015-16. If you are a TYBAF student of 2014-15 or its previous batch and have got ATKT in Sem 5 or Sem 6 then your search ends here. We present here the names of the subjects and the detailed syllabus which you can refer and start your exam preparation.

TY BAF Sem. 5

  • 5.1 Financial Accounting – Paper – VI
  • 5.2 Cost Accounting Paper-III
  • 5.3 Financial Accounting Paper- V
  • 5.4 Management Accounting Paper – II Financial Statement Analysis
  • 5.5 Taxation Paper-III Direct Tax Paper I
  • 5.6 Economics Paper-III Indian Economy


TY BAF Sem. 6

  • 6.1 Financial Accounting Paper – VII
  • 6.2 Cost Accounting Paper – IV
  • 6.3 Auditing Paper – IV
  • 6.4 Financial Accounting Paper – VIII
  • 6.5 Taxation Paper IV Direct Tax Paper II
  • 6.6 Management Paper II Principles Of Management & Applications


You can download the detailed syllabus from the below links:

Download (PDF, 359KB)

Download (PDF, 211KB)

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